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Commercial Roof Insulation for Every Need

Georgia Foam/Mid-Atlantic Foam is the choice of Architects, Distributors, and Contractors for providing solutions to the challenges of commercial roofing. As manufacturers and distributors of a wide array of commercial roof insulations to meet the needs of roofing professionals, Georgia Foam/Mid-Atlantic Foam is recognized as a leader in the design and layout of tapered insulation systems. Our goal is to provide insulation that is compatible with the type of system being installed, but more than that, to provide the most cost effective layout for the installer and building owner by advising and assisting in the selection of insulation or combination of insulations as well as providing labor saving products such as our PRE-CUTS.

Georgia Foam/Mid-Atlantic Foam continues to add to our product mix and develop labor saving options so that our customers can enhance their reputation as a company that can get things done and has chosen their suppliers well. Our experience in the commercial roofing industry enables us to deliver more than materials; we strive to give the gift of time. We know that our customers are responsible for meeting deadlines and our company consistently pushes to meet the needs of every customer. The faster a quote is returned the sooner a job is bid. The faster material is fabricated and delivered the sooner a job is completed. From requesting an estimate to placing an order to delivery of material to installation: Time actually can be on your side!

  Expanded Polystyrene Extruded Polystyrene Polyisocyanurate Perlite Fiberboard Dens Deck Adhesive & Equipment


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Georgia Foam/
Mid-Atlantic Foam
yes yes yes                          
Atlas Roofing Corporation           yes yes yes                
Carlisle Syntec Systems yes yes yes   yes   yes                  
Dow Styrofoam       yes yes                      
FiberTite Roofing Systems yes yes yes     yes                    
Firestone Building Products           yes yes yes       yes        
GAF/ U.S. Intec yes yes       yes yes   yes yes yes yes        
GenFlex Roofing Systems yes yes yes     yes yes                  
Georgia Pacific           yes yes yes             yes  
Hunter Panels           yes yes yes                
Insta-Stik                               yes
Johns Manville           yes yes yes yes yes yes          
JP Stevens yes yes yes yes yes yes                    
Knight-Celotex                       yes yes yes    
Millennium Adhesives                               yes
Owens Corning       yes yes                      
Sarnafil yes yes yes       yes                  
Siplast yes yes yes       yes                  
Soprema yes yes yes     yes yes                  
Tamko Roofing Products           yes yes   yes yes            
Versico yes yes yes     yes yes         yes     yes  

For more information on custom roofing possibilities with EPS, contact a Georgia Foam/Mid-Atlantic Foam representative today.